Governance Review

Transparency and accountability are at the core of good governance.
A responsible board with the right mix of skills and experience, ensures that an organisation is effectively and properly run.

Any governance review will be unique to the organisation and will depend on factors such as the organisation’s ownership, legal structure, regulatory environment, culture and the outcomes sought in undertaking a review. As such, our approach is customised for each client’s needs. For example, areas of focus in a governance review may include:

  • Determining if the governance system adds value or is a burden to the organisation.
  • Addressing a specific issue of concern with the current governance structure such as the number or type of board committees.
  • Alignment of the governance system with an existing or new strategic direction.
  • Adoption of leading practice governance in terms of policies and procedures (documentation review).
  • Compliance with national and international codes and standards.
Internal Audit And Commissioner Style Reviews

Reduce duplication and complaints. Improve practices and compliance. Achieve quality objectives and strong audit/assessment results. Audits and reviews help foster a culture of quality and continuous improvement thus leading to greater productivity and performance.

How will your organisation measure up when your Commissioner walks through your door? We will assess and test the adequacy and effectiveness of your processes and internal controls intended to manage organisational risks including commissioner, statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements.

We will provide you with our opinion (an Assurance Level) and recommend practical solutions to address identified weaknesses.

Our creative and
innovative methodologies consistently deliver strong outcomes.
Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems (QMS). While not a requirement, the standard is recognised as important by many commissioners and allows organisations to keep a high level of productivity and quality while delivering services to customers.

Implementing an effective and robust Quality Management System (QMS) helps organisations focus their attention on important areas and creates a culture of continuous improvement – a learning organisation.
It can be a daunting task to think about implementing an entirely new Quality Management System for your organisation. We can help you plan everything out for implementation – identify roles and responsibilities, conduct a gap analysis against the clauses of the standard and recommend practical solutions to address gaps.

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