Serious Incidents
Workplace Mediation Service

Mediation is a confidential process that helps parties to talk through issues with an impartial mediator to find a way forward. Mediation works because it helps people find practical solutions that feel fair to everyone.

Resolve conflict at work through facilitative mediation to find a mutual resolution. We will get to the root of the matter, help participants understand the impact they have on one another, and get conversations moving in order to find an agreement that is mutually acceptable for all.

  • Is your organisation aware of its Whistleblowing and/or Safeguarding responsibilities?
  • Do you understand the risk?
  • Do you have the right policies and procedures in place (including safer recruitment)?
  • Is your training fit for purpose?
  • Do your staff understand their responsibilities and rights?
  • Does everyone in your organisation know how to recognise, respond to and report incidents/concerns?

We can review how well your arrangements are working. We will test the effectiveness of your processes, provide you with an evidence-based report highlighting key findings, and practical solutions.

Independent Investigations

Safeguarding, in-depth review of serious complaints, complex cases and Whistleblowing concerns. Every staff grievance, complaint or concern must be handled sensitively, fairly, impartially and quickly. Our independent service will save your senior leadership time, and will reduce the risk of internal conflict, personal strain, reputational damage or any exposure to potential claims.
We will:

  • Review highly sensitive and contentious concerns and incidents thoroughly, professionally and ethically, and in line with regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Provide an evidence-based report highlighting key findings so that you are fully informed and able to determine the appropriate course of action
  • Provide clear recommendations for any subsequent actions where necessary e.g. continuous improvement.
Have a free session with our team to find out where you can stimulate change & improvement.