About the team
Deborah Skyers
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Deborah is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Meraki Consult. Her focus is on Strategic Planning, Change Leadership, Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence.

Deborah previously worked for Shaw Trust, formerly Careers Development Group. Deborah played a critical role in the execution of the Trust’s ambitious five year growth strategic plan by the coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enabled a more effective balance of organisational change and business as usual – managing the business, whilst changing the business. She was responsible for the leadership of a portfolio of the Trust's largest, most complex cross-functional projects and programmes including the delivery of an ICT Change Programme resulting in the significant growth of the organisation through acquisitions and mergers.

Deborah Skyers Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Sejal Patel
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Sejal is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Meraki Consult. Her focus is Governance Leadership and Oversight, Safeguarding, Whistleblowing, Compliance, Quality, Risk Management, Assurance and Strategic Planning.

Sejal previously worked for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), The Salvation Army and Shaw Trust. Sejal led the implementation of the Provider Assurance Framework for the DWP. Sejal advised the Shaw Trust Board and the Audit Committee on all aspects of risk, audit and assurance shaping future direction on group-wide risk, audit and assurance strategies, ensuring operational delivery (best practice) and cost efficiencies (savings).

Following a merger and acquisition, she restructured the Shaw Trust Group Assurance Functions into a new centralised structure, led organisational development, integration plans and change projects. Sejal developed an Integrated group-wide function Risk Management Framework, Quality Management System (ISO9001), Information Security Management System (ISO27001); commissioner contract compliance achieving Strong commissioner confidence and assurance levels.

Sejal Patel Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Our Philosophy

Meraki Consult is a boutique consulting firm focused mostly on Organisational Change Management and Assurance related services. The firm has developed a tremendous focus on a mindset of growth to achieve client results. Our creative and innovative methodologies consistently deliver strong outcomes.

The firm works with Boards of Trustees, Non Executive Directors and senior executives to define strategy, translate objectives and assure execution. Our approach differentiates between the realisation of benefits - financial and nonfinancial benefits and tangible and intangible ones. The tangible and financial benefits include return on investment, an increase in net profits, resource availability with the desired competencies, new customers, new markets, cost reduction, or net present value, capture the attention of executives.

The intangible benefits include an increase in customer satisfaction, improvements in staff morale, enhanced strategic alignment, recognition of legal or regulatory compliance, or using a customer-centric approach in work in portfolio management, outweigh the tangible, financial metrics.


“Meraki Consult played a crucial role in Alphabet Foods' success - we would have wasted months, even years to get to the position we are in now. Deborah and Sejal, helped us to reach our true potential. With their guidance, we have transformed from a start-up to a strong player in the market within a few months.”

Haldun Ozkart Chief Strategy Officer, Alphabet Foods

“Current best practice has not led to the changes in attitudes required in society to lead to long term, progressive change, within the business community. A new methodology is needed and being led by experienced leaders like Sejal and Deborah.”

Roy O'Shaughnessy Chief Exec, Capital City College Group

“Meraki Consult were recommended to manage mediation between two employees. The Mediator was fair and consistent with both of the individuals involved and we had a positive outcome. Highly recommended”

Helen Fogarty HR Manager, Renaissance Learning
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