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Why you should use Meraki Consult’s Audit & Assurance Services

Are you:

  • providing the services, you set out to contractually deliver?
  • effectively managing your contractual and regulatory risks?
  • capturing and using client feedback?

How are you testing the adequacy and effectiveness of your systems and processes?

Can you evidence how you meet requirements and/or address gaps?

Meraki Consult has experience in delivering audit & assurance services.

We offer over 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience of working within the welfare to work sector.

Do you need support to establish a quality, assurance, and risk framework


an independent assessment to validate your organisation’s existing framework/policies/procedures and action plans


do you need help to meet Data Protection obligations?

We can tailor our support to meet non DWP contracts as well as design reviews to meet contractual responsibilities under DWP requirements. We can also provide training to enhance your staffs knowledge and skills


can help set up a suitable audit function and help provide a tailored starter toolkit or more advanced resources as required. We can respond to any ad-hoc requests to tailor our aid.

Please get in touch, should you require our support . Email info@meraki-consult.com.

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