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Why celebration as a key facet of reflection is critical to business leaders.

With just 27 days of 2020 to go, this time of the year is usually one of reflection, we prepare to celebrate holidays, family, end of year, and many other traditions, accomplishments and relationships

Celebration as a key facet of reflection is critical to business leaders.

Part of celebration is learning, reflect on what we have done, what we have accomplished, and what allowed us to achieve those successes, as well as the things that may have led to failure, incomplete accomplishments or unmet objectives.

We naturally focus on how we fell short or failed. we neglect to appreciate the things that have worked well, where we have been successful, and what personal and professional objectives we achieved

Right now, look at what you’ve accomplished over the past 12 months, you’ll discover many things you’ve forgotten that you achieved earlier this year, things that happened as recently as October may have slipped your mind as other activities and the latest goals are in front of you.

For me and my team, we are celebrating some of the successes we have had over the past few months. We value the positive feedback from our clients and look forward to even more opportunities in 2021.

Reflect on what 2020 has meant for you.

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