Meraki Consult partners with the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP)

Meraki Consult are delighted to announce their Corporate Affiliate Partnership with the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP)

The firm works with Boards of Trustees, Non-Executive Directors and senior executives to define strategy, translate objectives, assure execution and continuously improve.
Meraki’s creative and innovative methodologies consistently deliver strong outcomes.

Sejal Patel, Managing Partner said; “Meraki strongly believe in the IEP’s mission and vision; we truly care about doing things in the right way, maintaining high standards and continuously improving. This is the key reason we have joined as Corporate Affiliate Partners. We aim to share our industry knowledge and expertise to support organisations to deliver and build high performing and responsive functions which fundamentally enables a culture where a quality assurance environment is understood, is acknowledged as an exemplar and overall has a greater impact across the sector to support those who have been out of work move into employment and retain work”

Meraki have industry knowledge and experience of working with various commissioners (DWP, ESF, HMPPS, ESFA) and have an in depth understanding of how to enable organisations to deliver performance, lead change, add value and meet the requirements of these bodies.
Meraki offer a range of bespoke and agile services and solutions for IEP Members and all within the Employability and Skills sector:

• Governance Review
• Risk based Due Diligence of Supply Chain
• Contract Implementation
• ‘Ready to go live’ Risk Assessments
• Assurance Services including Commissioner Style Reviews (for example, DWP PAT)
• Advisory Services (Safeguarding, Whistleblowing and Complaints Handling)
• ISO9001:2015 Implementation
• IT Optimisation and Transformation
• Business Intelligence

Meraki believe in the ethos of what IEP is endeavouring to accomplish for the sector and are truly passionate about making a difference.
“Current best practice has not led to the changes in attitudes required in society to lead to long term, progressive change, within the business community. A new methodology is needed and being led by experienced leaders like Sejal and Deborah.” Roy O’Shaughnessy, Chief Exec, Capital City College Group

Deborah Skyers, Managing Partner said; “We work with organisations ready to reimagine or repurpose their offer, to define their strategy, identify new emergent trends and innovation to understand how technology can enable and also drive their business in this evolving and fast changing sector”

“Having worked in the employability sector for some time, we have learnt how important it is to guide, prepare and equip the organisation to adopt change including contract implementation, when this does not happen the impact on the organisation is huge”.

Link to IEP announcement can be found here

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