Do you know the Digital Maturity of your organisation?

How to determine the digital maturity level of an organisation by the language they use:

‘We want to do the things we do more EFFICIENTLY’

Level One – IT modernisation
The organisation usually undertakes modest initiatives such as putting services online or legacy upgrades or moving to the cloud.

‘We want to do the right things more EFFECTIVELY’

Level Two – Digital Optimisation
The organisation is in process of using digital technology to improve existing operating processes and business models.

‘We want to do DIFFERENT THINGS’

Level Three – Digital Transformation
The organisation is in the process of inventing a new digital business model(s).

Do you know the Digital Maturity of your organisation?
Do you have a shared Digital vision for the organisation?
Does your organisation have a Digital Strategy?
Do you want your organisation to be more connected?
Are your business units collaborating?

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