Go Dharmic Welfare Foundation UK widens horizons with the support of Meraki Consult

Meraki Consult a boutique consultancy focused on Organisational Change Management and Assurance related services will be working with Go Dharmic Welfare Foundation UK on developing and executing their new growth strategy.

By providing a platform to enable social change in at least fifty cities globally by 2022, the charity aims to create a world where individuals can come together to create positive change in their lives and their communities.

Managing Partners, Deborah Skyers and Sejal Patel have significant experience working in the Third sector and will bring their expertise and insight to accelerate the development and growth of GoDharmic. 

Deborah Skyers, Managing Partner, Meraki Consult, said: “The pandemic has significantly impacted the Third sector, society and the world. The partnership will help to support GoDharmic in meeting its ambitions to improve more lives and communities throughout the world” 

Hemal Randerwala, Founder, GoDharmic, said: “Bringing with them their wide experience in working with the public and charitable sectors, Deborah and Sejal are a ray of hope at GoDharmic. Together, they bring their rich insights to facilitate and enhance GoDharmic in a significant way. It is indeed a proud moment for GoDharmic to be recognised by Meraki Consult and GoDharmic is extremely happy to partner and work in close collaboration with them” 

Sejal Patel, Managing Partner, Meraki Consult, said: “GoDharmic is a charity very much in line with not only Meraki’s values but also my personal interests. They support lives of many thousands of children and families across the globe and have been instrumental in reaching out to those affected by the pandemic. They are a selfless charity supporting people in need. I look forward to working together with GoDharmic on their mission to enable social change, a mission very close to my heart.” 

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